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Travel Advisor- who are we?

Any travel is only as exciting as its discoveries!

We are a group of Travel Frenzy friends who had our backpacks always ready for a trip. Be it quick, planned, short, long, by road, by air, visiting every possible destination in India that was spoken about. Finally, we ran out of options and started visiting the same destination the second time. That’s when the idea of exploring a less spoken-about destination hit us.

A country like India has rich and diverse cultures spread across its length and breadth. There is so much to explore beyond the so-called travel destinations promoted out there. Every small village in this nation has its own story. The story is derived from the people, food, culture, and heritage and needs to be told to a larger audience.

At we believe in unearthing destinations. We help you explore those untold stories yourself in the way you would love to. This site is a melting pot of carefully curated information about unique and less traveled destinations, their people, culture, and the stories that will blow your mind so that you will pack your bags and head to one this weekend.

So what are you waiting for GET EXPLORING!

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