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"Soaring high in Deolo Hills - A Paragliding Adventure near Kalimpong"

Updated: Nov 25, 2023


Deolo Hills near Kalimpong , perched at a height of 1704 metres above sea level promises to deliver breath-taking panoramic views. This bird like feel of flying high amongst the misty mountains and large landscape of lush green mountains is inexpressible.

Embark on the Paragliding amidst Nature's Splendour:

Travel enthusiasts and adventure sport seekers would love to explore the various options of paragliding based on the expertise of the traveller. Even first-time ones like me will enjoy the breath-taking views from the top. There is option of flying solo for certified flyers and the option of paragliding with experienced pilot for someone like me.

Tips for Paragliding Enthusiasts:

1. Dress comfortably in layers to adapt to the changing temperatures as you soar high in the sky.

2. Adhere to the instructions of the pilot or paragliding guide.

3. Capture the moment with the camera securely attached for stunning aerial shots for memory of the paragliding adventure.

Getting There:

Take an overnight bus or train or a flight to Bagdogra Airport. From there you can hire cabs to take you directly to Deolo Hills, which is a 3-hour journey.

Putting up:

Plenty of cheap homestays and budget hotels in Kalimpong. You can also opt for luxury resorts available in Deolo or Kalimpong, depending on the budget.

Paragliding Pocket Pinch:

Rs. 3000/- for medium flight with a duration of 8-15 min

Rs. 5000/- for high flight for 20-25min

Rs. 500/- extra for go pro video.

After the Paragliding Flight:

Soft landing on the ground under the supervision of the pilot. Move to the local markets and indulge in the traditional cuisines and rich culture of the charming town.


Deolo Hills not only gives you the experience of paragliding but also the chance to connect with nature along with the thrill of flying among the serene mountains of the Himalayas. It is an unforgettable escapade of adrenaline and tranquility.

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