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Kurseong - Land of White Orchid

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The land of White Orchid - Experience the warmth of Kurseong


A picturesque small town of Kurseong situated at an altitude of 1458 metres and just a one hour and 30min drive from Siliguri. Kurseong, also popularly known as The Land of White Orchid is a hidden jewel of Darjeeling District. Far from the bustling tourist hubs like Darjeeling, Kurseong - The Land of White Orchid offers a serene escape into the lap of nature.


Kurseong or The Land of White Orchid exudes a charm of Classics, Colonial Rule as evident in the architecture and the vast Tea Gardens here. As you trod through the narrow pathways there is a sweet fragrance of blooming flowers which can captivate the any tourist. The lush green Tea Gardens and the blooming white orchid unfolds like a canvas against the backdrop of the Himalayas. The morning sun on the Kanchenjunga Peaks slowing turning the mountain range from white to golden in colour is a view to behold.


From visiting the top attractions to experiencing the process of Tea leaves plucking to the final brew, there are a lot of activities to be done in Kurseong - Land of White Orchid. A stroll in the afternoon sun through the streets of Kurseong glimpsing the old colonial architecture gives a unique blend of nature and history.

Kurseong Railway Station

One of the important stations of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway(DHR). DHR is the famous Toy Train network connecting New Jalpaiguri Station to Darjeeling station, going through Kurseong, Batasia Loop, Ghum, which are the few famous landmark stations which has several historic significance. This station was built in 1880, more than 143 years old. First it was Siliguri to Kurseong and then in 1881, Darjeeling was also connected through DHR - the toy train network.

Dow Hill - Whispers of Mystery

If adventure gives you the adrenaline boost then visit to Dow Hill is a must. The dense pine forest whispers tales of mystery. The Victorian Era Dow Hill School gives a touch of shiver through the spine with its age old stories. There is also the possibility to spot the elusive Red Pandas in the Kurseong Deer Park.

Eagle's Crag - A panoramic vantage point

The breathtaking panoramic views from the Eagle's Crag is fabulous. This is a Photographer's paradise and one can capture Kurseong - The Land of White Orchid in one single frame.

Makaibari Tea Estate

Experience the process of plucking the tea leaves to the final brew of the aromatic tea that Darjeeling District is famous for. There are options to stay in the nearby homestays and indulge in the local Nepali cuisines and experience the simplicity of life in the hills.

Kurseong Evening Landscape

How to reach

Easily accessible through road. Take a train or flight up to Siliguri. Train station : New Jalpaiguri and Airport: Bagdogra, then it's a 1.5hrs drive up the hills.



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